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M3 - Touch Screen Display Unit for 2 Probes

M3 - Touch Screen Display Unit for 2 probes

M3 - Applications

The M3 is the last generation tool for dimensional control from 1 or 2 probes or scales. Several version are available allowing you to connect :
- Inductive probes (Metro, Tesa compatible (example Tesa GT21) and Mahr (example Mahr P2004M)
- Incremental probes (Heidenhain (example Heidenhain MT101), Magnecale DK with an adaptor and Mitutoyo LG with an adaptor)
- Linear scales (Heidenhain, Magnescale)

- 2 measurement configurations (2 characteristics)
- Different display modes with 1 or 2 measurements, with or without tolerances.
- Tolerance limits and control limits (Warnings).
- Absolute or relative measurement
- Direct or dynamic measurement (Min, Max, Max-Min , Average, Median)
- USB communication "virtual keyboard" Modbus-RTU or ASCII Communication on RS232.
- Sorting by classes of size, up to 16 classes by characteristic.
- Possibility to connect an optionnal I/O module with 8 optocoupled I/O.
- Possibility to connect a multi-function footswitch (measurement transfert, calibration etc...)
- Easy to use and reliable

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