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M400 - Dgital Readout for Gauging Probes

M400 - Digital Readout for Gauging Probes

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M400 - Applications1

M400 - M-Bus Applications

M400 - Wireless Applications

The M400 is a powerful gauging unit designed to make dimensional control from 1 to 99 probes or measuring instruments.
The M400 is universal (different probe technologies accepted) and powerful (up to 32 characteristics displayed in the same time, trigonometrical functions, statistical functions, PLC functions...)
Thanks to its intuitive menus and its general simplicity the M400 is a device that will be immediately adopted by every operator.
Its housing machined in a solid aluminium block offers to the M400 an incomparable robustness, even used in the most severe industrial environments.
The M400 front face is covered by an integral polyester sheet that ensures a protection against liquid projections like oil. Connectors are oriented to the bottom limiting also liquids infiltrations.
The M400 can either be delivered as a table device or for panel mounting.

- Up to 99 probes : Inductive, digital, incremental encoders (Heidenhain, Magnescale, Mitutoyo) or capacitives (Sylvac)
- Possibility to display measurements from instruments (calipers, dial gauges etc.) from any brand.
- Up to 32 characteristics displayed in the same screen
- Advanced SPC functions
- Great capacity of measurements storage
- Various means of communications and connections facilities : Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Can Open, RS232, Footswith.
- Very easy to use and reliable

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