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Long recognised as the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers continues to lead the field within the area of internal measurement.

We provide all solutions for inner diameter measurement such as general measuring, small diameter from 1-20mm, standard range from 20-300mm, and large range from 300mm onwards. Also for special application; groove, inner spline, spherical radius, deep hole, etc.

Bowers XT3 Holematic Digital Pistol Grip Bore Gauge

Bowers XT3 Digital Bore Gauge - Ratchet Type

Bowers XTA Micro Analogue - Metric / Inch

Bowers XT Analogue Bore Gauge - Metric / Inch

Bowers XT500 Large Diameter 3-Point Bore Gauge

Bowers XTL Digital Lever Bore Gauge

Concentricity Gage

The concentricity gages are used for inspection tasks on external, internal and flat faces on rotating parts. 
  • Particularly, the concentricity of two or more diameters can be determined and axial run-out measurements performed.
  • Precise runout inspection. Right next to the machine.
  • XY axis slide table can be used for linear movement and positioning measurement. 
  • Easy to pick up and place workpiece. Save time, suitable for mass production testing.
  • Attached top press roller and stopper on the tailstock. 
  • Concentricity gauges are available in various sizes and designs.







Precision Bench Centre RL784Z1

Precision Bench Centre RL784Y

Precision Bench Centre RL784

Precision Bench Centre MVR523-2


as founded more than 50 years, committed to manufacture high-quality standard and customised precision instruments and calipers.

Digi Ricor

Digi Large Bridge


was founded more than 50 years, committed to manufacture high-quality standard and customised precision instruments and calipers.

Carbo Circe + Alto

Eracle-H IP67

IRIS E - Digital Dial Gauge / Digital Dial Caliper For External Measurement

IRIS I - Digital Dial Gauge / Digital Dial Caliper For Internal Measurement

IRIS S - Digital Dial Gauge / Digital Dial Caliper For Internal Segger

IRIS SE - Digital Dial Gauge / Digital Dial Caliper for External Segger

Our Partner - Original Gauge & Calibration Solutions (UK)

Original Gauge Co Ltd. has over 80 years experience in manufacturing internal and external thread gauges and providing UKAS calibration services across the UK.

Every manufacturer depends upon gauging equipment to verify the accuracy and performance of its products.
For over 80 years, manufacturers have relied upon Original Gauge Co Ltd to supply with the highest standard, quality gauges, and calibration services which provide the end-users with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Partner - Tru-Thread Ltd (UK)

Incorporated over 3o years ago as a Gauge Manufacturer and Grinding Specialist, Tru-Thread produces Gauges to National, International and Industry related Standards.

Tru-Thread Ltd has acquired worldwide recognition for the manufacturing of high quality precision gauges, thread grinding and products for the Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Marine industries.
Tru-Thread Ltd quality system has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the international and industry specific standards adopted by the Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Marine Industries. Our metrology laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 by UKAS for the measurement of gauges used within these industries.

Our Partner - Northern Gauge
Northern Gauge was founded by Peter Laurensee in 2001 with over 25 years in the Quality Assurance and Metrology field.
Our customer oriented approach is supported by an extensive gauging product line which continues to grow through the support of our ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services. We are simply the most complete & accurate Metrology lab in Alberta, Canada.

API Thread Plug and Ring Gauge

Thread Plug Gauge

Thread Ring Gauge

Taper Thread Ring Gauges

Taper Thread Plug Gauge

Master Gear and Spline Gauge

We design, manufacture and provide calibration services for Spline Gauges in Straight, Taper Master Plugs, Concentricity Rings, Variable Indicator Gauges and Master Gears (Spur and Helical type).
World leaders Master Gear & Gauge Company joined the OGC group of companies in 2020 to bring the meticulous manufacturing discipline and supply of master gears and spline gauges to our customers, who rely on the accuracy of our products to which their global production volume components are measured.

Spline Gauges - Spline Plugs and Rings

Master Gears

Spline Gauge Tool

Display units for gauging probes and instruments


Metro proposes a complete range of high performances display units with which it is possible to connect many different types of probes or measuring instruments :


- Inductive gauging probes : Metro (M804S...), Tesa (GT21...), Mahr (P2004M...), Peter Hirt...

- Incremental : Heidenhain (MT101...), Magnescale (DK812...), Mitutoyo (LG)

- Capacitive : Sylvac (P25,...),

- Digital : Solartron Orbit

- Instruments : Calipers, digital indicators, micrometers, weight scales etc...

- Linear Scales (Magnescale, Heidenhain...)


Our display units are able to display from 1 to 32 characteristics simultaneously and to read from 1 to 99 probes depending on the model.

M400 - Digital Readout for Gauging Probes

M3 - Touch Screen Display Unit for 2 probes

Leitech Instruments

Highly professional company, which develops, produces, and markets a complete high-end thread gauging system.

The System Leitech is unique as it represents precision measurement of internal threads and thread depths by one single instrument in one single operation. The System Leitech also represents the feature of replaceable inserts. When inserts are worn, they are easily replaced and the gauge is practically renewed.

Leitech Combi Gauge - Analogue Thread Depth Gauge

Leitech Digi Gauge - Digital Thread Depth Gauge

Leitech High Resolution Gauge - High Res Thread Depth Gauge

Leitech DMG Digital Motorized Gauge - Motorised Thread Depth Gauge


ORFEO Packer Measure Block




INSPEX Coating Thickness Gauge IPX-201F

INSPEX Coating Thickness Gauge IPX-201FN

INSPEX Coating Thickness Gauge IPX-202F

INSPEX Coating Thickness Gauge IPX-202FN

INSPEX Coating Thickness Gauge IPX-204F

INSPEX Coating Thickness Gauge IPX-204FN

Reprorubber® is an exotic metrology-grade rubber that self-cures in minutes. It creates a virtually perfect replica casting of internal and external forms. Reprorubber® is excellent for checking parts with optical comparators, creating molds for jewelry, metal parts, alloys, ceramics, glass, plastics, wood, marble, paper, cardboard, and more! It is non-toxic, easy to use, never requires a release agent and is 100 times faster than RTV silicons.

Reprorubber® Putty - Metrology Grade Self-Curing Casting Solution

Reprorubber® Thin Pour - Metrology Grade Self-Curing Casting Solution

Reprorubber® Medium Body - Metrology Grade Self-Curing Casting Solution


INSPEX Portable Hardness Tester with External Probe D - IPX-330 Plus


INSPEX Surface Roughness Tester - IPX-103/104

INSPEX Surface Roughness Tester IPX-105


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