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Go No Go Thread Plug and Ring Gauge

Our Partner - Original Gauge & Calibration Solutions (UK)

Original Gauge Co Ltd. has over 80 years experience in manufacturing internal and external thread gauges and providing UKAS calibration services across the UK.

Every manufacturer depends upon gauging equipment to verify the accuracy and performance of its products.
For over 80 years, manufacturers have relied upon Original Gauge Co Ltd to supply with the highest standard, quality gauges, and calibration services which provide the end-users with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Partner - Tru-Thread Ltd (UK)

Incorporated over 3o years ago as a Gauge Manufacturer and Grinding Specialist, Tru-Thread produces Gauges to National, International and Industry related Standards.

Tru-Thread Ltd has acquired worldwide recognition for the manufacturing of high quality precision gauges, thread grinding and products for the Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Marine industries.
Tru-Thread Ltd quality system has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the international and industry specific standards adopted by the Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Marine Industries. Our metrology laboratory is accredited to ISO 17025 : 2005 by UKAS for the measurement of gauges used within these industries.

Our Partner - Northern Gauge
Northern Gauge was founded by Peter Laurensee in 2001 with over 25 years in the Quality Assurance and Metrology field.
Our customer oriented approach is supported by an extensive gauging product line which continues to grow through the support of our ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services. We are simply the most complete & accurate Metrology lab in Alberta, Canada.

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