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Internal Micrometer / Bore Gauge


Long recognised as the world’s leading Bore Gauge manufacturer, Bowers continues to lead the field within the area of internal measurement.

We provide all solutions for inner diameter measurement such as general measuring, small diameter from 1-20mm, standard range from 20-300mm, and large range from 300mm onwards. Also for special application; groove, inner spline, spherical radius, deep hole, etc.

Bowers XT3 Holematic Digital Pistol Grip Bore Gauge

Bowers XT3 Digital Bore Gauge - Ratchet Type

Bowers XTA Micro Analogue - Metric / Inch

Bowers XT Analogue Bore Gauge - Metric / Inch

Bowers XT500 Large Diameter 3-Point Bore Gauge

Bowers XTL Digital Lever Bore Gauge

Bowers Universal Gauge Sets - Extension Compatible Version


Bowers Special Bore Measurement - Spherical - 2-Point / 3-Point

Bowers Special Bore Measurement - Grooves - 2-Point / 3-Point

Bowers Special Bore Measurement - Screw Thread

Bowers Special Bore Measurement - Internal / External Spline

Bowers Special Bore Measurement - Deep Hole Pneumatic

Bowers Special Bore Measurement - Seat Pocket Diameter Gauge

Bowers Ultima Bore Gauge


Bowers MicroGauge 2 Point Bore Gauge


Bowers Air Gauging


Bowers Digital Countersink Gauge


Bowers Aerospace Special - Rivet Height Gauge


Bowers SmartPlugs


Bowers Universal SnapGauge


Bowers Intex Beam Gauge

Bowers Carbon Fibre Comparator Beam Gauge


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