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Bowers XT500 Large Diameter 3-Point Bore Gauge

Bowers XT500 Large Diameter 3-Point Bore Gauge

Bowers XT500 Large Diameter 3-Point Bore Gauge

XT500 Features
XT500 Features
Large Diameter 3 Point Bore Gauge
Large Diameter 3 Point Bore Gauge
XT500 Spherical Anvils Diagram
XT500 Spherical Anvils Diagram

The Bowers XT500 large diameter 3-point bore gauge has been designed specifically for the measurement of internal diameters between 300 and 500mm.
The newly designed constant-force digital readout ensures that the measuring pressure remains constant throughout the measurement whilst radiussed measuring anvils provide optimum centralisation in the part.

Anvil sets are supplied in 25mm steps (300-325, 325-350 etc) and each set has been manufactured to the exact toleranced size. The 300-325mm anvils are the master reference set and are used for setting the gauge in the setting ring.The other anvil sets are then fitted as required without further re-setting.
This means that only one 300mm setting ring is required to set the gauge for all diameters in the full 300-500mm range of the instrument.
  • Measuring range: 300-500mm
  • New constant-force digital readout
  • Single 300mm setting ring covers full range
  • Radiussed anvils of tool-steel for optimum centering
  • Accuracy: 15µm
  • Repeatability: 3µm
  • IP67 electronics
  • Proximity output with built-in Bluetooth
  • Resolution 0.01/0.001mm. Metric/inch switchable
  • Fast accurate measurement
  • Extensions available for deeper bores
  • UKAS certificate with setting ring
  • Certificate of conformity with bore gauge
  • Supplied in fitted case
Individaul Gauge set
Code No. Range (mm) Accuracy (µm) Depth (mm) Setting Ring (mm)
XT5001M-BT 300-325 15 120 300
XT5002M-BT 300-325, 325-350 15 120 300
XT5003M-BT 300-325, 350-375 15 120 300
XT5004M-BT 300-325, 375-400 15 120 300
XT5005M-BT 300-325, 400-425 15 120 300
XT5006M-BT 300-325, 425-450 15 120 300
XT5007M-BT 300-325, 450-475 15 120 300
XT5008M-BT 300-325, 475-500 15 120 300

Large Sets
Code No. Range (mm)
SXT3000M-BT 300-400
SXT4000M-BT 300-325, 400-500
SXT5000M-BT 300-500

XT500 Extensions 
Code No. Range (mm)
DHEXT500 500
DHEXT1000 1000

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